How to Hire an iOS developer?

Finding and hiring the right iOS app developer is a crucial task but not at all an impossible one.

But, why is it a crucial task?

The number of iOS applications is increasing day by day. In the year 2008, only 0.01 billion iOS apps were downloaded from the Apple iOS store and at the end of June 2017, 180 billion iOS apps were downloaded. (source)

This means the demand is increasing and so is the number of iOS apps.

Looking at the demand for iOS apps, even the need for iOS app developers are increasing. And, the strong need is for finding and hiring the highly skilled and experienced iOS app developers.

Also, looking at the advancements taking place in the iOS app development, it is an urge to have iOS app developers with strong skill sets. Though this is challenging, but not at all impossible.

But, we have a solution to find and hire an iOS app developer quickly and perfectly.

Recently, we came up with a step by step process to find the right mobile app development company.

And the same way, we are all set to share another step by step process to find and hire the best iOS app developer for your iPhone and iPad app development requirements.

1. Understand why you need one

Okay, so first you need to begin with understanding why you need an iOS app developer.

There are various scenarios where you need an iOS app developer:

  • You are an iOS app development company and you need a skilled iOS app developer for increasing number of projects
  • You are an enterprise looking to develop a mobile application for iPhone for your own business
  • You already have too many iPhone app developers and you want one highly experienced
  • You have an experienced one but looking for a junior iOS app developer to do the basic stuff
  • You have got a project that requires specialized iOS expertise which you don’t have in your company

This means whether you want to get an iPhone application developed for yourself or for your client, it is important for you to be pretty much clear about why you need to hire an iPhone app developer.

This helps in defining your iPhone app development project and even job requirements appropriately.

2. Document your iPhone app development requirements

After you are done with understanding the reason why you need an iOS app developer, you have to sit down with your iOS app development team to discuss your iPhone or iPad app development requirements in detail.

This step is second in the process of searching for the right candidate for your iOS app development because this will help you to state the right skills, experience, and expertise requirements and expectations from the applicants.

3. Decide the way you want to hire one

Surprised with the heading?

Don’t be. I’ll make it more clear.

There are multiple ways that you can hire an iOS app developer:

  • You can outsource your requirements to an iPhone app development company
  • You can hire an iOS app developer from an iOS app development company for an on-premise basis or work online for you
  • You can hire an iOS app developer for your in-house team
  • You can hire one as a freelancer

Now, whether you want a freelancer, in-house iOS developer or a development team to work for you is up to you to decide.

And here, the step #1 and #2 will be of quite a help.

4. Find out is there any specific skill you are looking for

We discussed in the step #2 about documenting your iOS app development requirements. And, this is going to now help you to look for any specific skill or an expertise that you need for your iOS app development project.

You need to not just find but even list the number of specific skills or expertise that you need currently.

But, what can be those specific skills or expertise to hire an iOS app developer?

  • A certain number of years of experience
  • An expertise in designing UI/UX of iOS apps
  • Knowledge or experience of using the latest technologies such as AI, ML, AR/VR, etc.
  • And, any other project-specific skills, experience or expertise

So, now you know what skills or expertise you are looking for this new iOS app developer.

5. Create a list of job specifications

Now, you know the following things-

  • Why you need an iOS app developer
  • What do you need in an iPhone app development project
  • How do you want to hire one
  • Any specific skills or expertise that you need

So, you are all set to create a job description for an iOS app developer. We call it a job description or specification as it is common for a freelancer, in-house iOS developer, and even for an app development company.

Well, you need to craft it very clearly, creatively, and precisely.


Because this will help all the iOS app developers to understand whether this is the job that they were looking for. And, that they can apply for that particular opportunity.

6. Work on the screening of the applicants

Now, you have the list of the people who can be the suitable candidate for your iOS app development requirements.

So, the next step comes in to check out the resumes of the candidates which you have received from the above platforms and even from the received applications.

You need to check out all of them so that you don’t miss an iOS developer with an outstanding knowledge and experience.

7. Shortlist the most extraordinary applicants

After screening all of the candidates, you need to shortlist the ones that are too close to your iOS app development requirements and even job specifications that you’d documented.

So, here as well, the step #2, #4, and #5 help you to shortlist the best iOS app developer among all the others.

Based on that shortlisting, you can confirm on what you are actually looking for in an iOS app developer.

8. Check their identities on Google & social media

Now, the job of understanding the skills, experience, and expertise is not just limited to the resume of any candidate.

You need to check their identities and presence online as well. So, the next step is to type their name on Google and other social media networks to see-

  • Whether an iOS developer is contributing to some iOS communities
  • Whether an iOS developer write his own blog
  • Whether an iOS app developer has some extra skills like documentation, creative skills, design skills, etc.
  • Whether an iOS app developer also has an experience of Android development
  • And, much more

It is important for you to know any or all of the above skills that an iOS app developer has because it helps you understand the level of expertise that particular app developer has.

In fact, this helps in understanding their existing pay and decide your budget.

9. Call the best ones for an interview

After shortlisting and even knowing their extra skills and expertise, the next step is to call the best ones for an interview.

This could be either a face-to-face interview online or in your office. But, before that, you need to be prepared with the questions that you would ask them regarding their past and present work and even their future career plans.

10. Ask questions related to iOS & Swift

While you list down the questions to ask an iOS app developer, you need to make sure you consider each and every tricky question related to the iOS industry.

That could be either about the latest iOS version or the benefits or features of Swift programming language.

This even includes questions related to their knowledge and experience of-

  • How can they improve the app performance
  • How can they set certain notifications
  • Do they have any experience of creating AR experiences
  • If yes, how much?
  • And, much more related to app performance, security, quality, scalability, and user experience

All these questions would help you understand whether an iOS app developer is just into writing code or putting his heart into an iPhone application while developing the same.

11. Check if they are updated with the latest trends

Also, if you want to understand how much capable or career-oriented an iOS app developer is, you can check if they are updated with the industry updates.

And, you can do this by asking them the following questions:

  • Which iOS version released recently?
  • Did Swift had an update recently?
  • Do you know about any latest iOS app development trends that the industry is talking about?
  • What are the latest iOS apps that become successful recently?
  • And, you can ask about any latest news about the iOS industry

These can help you understand how alert and sincere an iOS app developer is about the industry and current trends.

12. Communicate your expectations clearly

After you have asked your questions to the iOS app developers, the next step in the process to hire an iOS developer is to communicate each and everything clearly and precisely.

Everything from your company policies to your iOS app development project requirements and deliverables needs to be communicated with the iOS app developer.

This gives a clear understanding of the work that the iOS app developer is supposed to do and how much efforts he/she has to put. Also, it helps the iOS app developer to come up with his/her pay and work expectations.

13. Agree on a pricing structure

The last step in this process of hiring the right iOS app developer is to discuss the pricing.

Whether you are going to hire an iOS app developer for an in-house team or outsource it to any iOS app development company, you need to ask the iOS developer to share their expectations.

But, you need to agree upon a pricing that fits the best for both of the parties- hiring and getting hired.

Also, whether you are hiring a freelance iOS developer or an iOS app development outsourcing team, there is a pricing structure that needs to be discussed and finalized before you start working together.

The pricing structure could be something like- 50% of advance, 30% of the amount to be paid after achieving a particular milestone or rest at the time of launch or delivery. Whatever is the pricing structure, you need to mutually agree to the same and need to have it signed on a document to avoid futuristic confusions.


Though there is less number of iOS apps and fewer searches for iOS app development compared to Android, the demand for iOS apps is still intact for the current iOS users.

So, here we brought you a 13-step process to find and hire an iOS app developer for your iPhone and iPad app development requirements. Follow it aggressively and you are sure-shot to have the expert iOS professionals working for your iOS projects for long-term.

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