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Today's world it is all about digital information. You have it. They want it. Oriscene helps to make that happen. Share your posts, photos, and videos like you already do. With Oriscene you’ll watch as they rise or fall in rank according to how you and fellow users rate what you see. This application is about sharing and selling the digital information to the world and brings sellers and buyers under a single platform. So that the users don’t have to switch apps when they want to avail or sell their digital media. This application uses extraordinary UI/UX features which are user friendly and very easy to use.

Moreover, in this application user could register themselves as Buyer, Seller or Both. Also, this application uses Orcoins – currency and that could be purchased from in-app purchases.

This application could be found both in iOS and Android platforms. iPhone

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography







RGB = 21-25-34


RGB = 165-168-173


RGB = 15-126-233


RGB = 56-66-91

Seller Interface

seller Registration


The main concept of this application is to share and earn, hence it is mandatory to integrate social media. So, users would Register/login with Facebook and email to become registered user.

Profile Creation

Users would create a profile and select profile category from “Seller”, “Buyer” or “Both”. They are able to check their follower/following along with their timeline similar to “Instagram”.

Users have ability to view the statistic and leader board for the post they have shared.

Post,Share and Sell

Post, Sell & Share the Digital Content:

The landing screen is similar to “Facebook” where users would be able to post digital content as “Picture, Video, Music and Document” with the category selection.

The cherry on the top of this app is that users would be rewarded every time for their shared post. Users even have an option where they could choose an option either to sell or share for their post.

Post,Share and Sell


Once users would select to sell their post, they would have a choice to sell this on “Auto” or “Auction” way. This has an excellent UX function where the user just need to swipe right on the post to directly see sell option. In Auto selection mode seller would define the number of orcoins required to purchase the content. Buyer has the ability to purchase orcoins from in-app purchases.

In “Auction” mode buyer will have to bid once, and seller would receive different bids and has the right to approve the best bid.

Even the seller has the ability to check the history of the bid received, Proposed bids, and Approved bids.

Post,Share and Sell


This again has an excellent UX function where the user just need to swipe left on the post to directly Share the post.

Users would share their post as normal sharing or even have option to “prime post” and get 2 Orcoins on each view from the viewers account. They are allowed to share Prime post after every 3 days.

Revenue Generation

Sellers can check their generated pool revenue in form of Orcoins and view the transaction history for their selected date, month and year.

The interesting part of the Oriscene is that users can redeem their Orcoins into real money and get transferred in their Paypal account directly once they reach to the criteria set by Admin.


In this digital world communication is essential, so the users of Oriscene would be able to do message to their Follower/Following.

Buyer Interface



Users can register as a Buyer and could do registration with Social media - Facebook and sign up with email as well.

Search Post

Search post

Users would search the post with keywords of title and also can search similar to Instagram with #Hashtag.

Key filters of category for posts would be the addon to this search functionality.

Buy Content

Buy Content

Users can buy the digital content and will pay the fixed Orcoins in “Auto” post to seller and get the content file in registered email without copyright.

Users has ability to take part in “Auction” posts and make a bid for the same while the best bid offers get approval from seller and need to pay decided Orcoins. Meanwhile users can also check their bid history as sending bids, proposed bid and approved bids.

App Purchase

In App Purchase

Oriscene has functionality of in app purchase where users can do In app purchase of $0.99 and buy 100 Orcoins and pay this for various digital content posted.

seller Registration


Buyers can check the integrated revenue and details of transaction history along with that they can also redeem their Orcoins into Paypal account with the charge of Admin.

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