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iBeacon is a small cheese cake sized hardware that is picking up in popularity. The role of this hardware is to transmit low energy signals with the use of Bluetooth 4.0 Protocol. These signals are extremely strong, and they can be transmitted up to a range of 400 meters. The reason for its surge in popularity has been its ability to transform a smartphone into a platform for proximity based marketing. An expert iBeacon based app developer can make your smartphone trigger various actions on the basis of the Bluetooth signal it receives. To take an example, you can register your beacon device with your car keys. In that case, you can receive notifications on your smartphone when keys go out of the Bluetooth range. On the other hand, notification can also be received when the registered object comes within the range. There are various other mobile proximity marketing solutions that be developed through iBeacon.

The Verticals – iBeacon App Development

At The Verticals, we have the acumen to help you attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target market. By the virtue of having worked on similar solutions in the past, we have gained the desired experience to develop high-end proximity based solutions

  • Business to Business
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Living
  • Sports
  • Retail

We can offer ready-for-use rule templates to create user groups that are based on their purchasing behavior, locations, and other characteristics. The iBeacon app will then add customers automatically to the correct groups, based on the pre-decided rules.

Different Types of Beacon BLE App Development at The Verticals

Through our international experience, we have had the opportunity of working on different types of applications. This has further broadened our expertise. Following are some of those Beacon based solutions that we have worked on:

  • Beacon Based Payment Solutions.
  • Apps for gathering Client History & Information.
  • Smart Interaction platform.
  • Apps with push notifications that suit the clients’ needs.
  • Heart Rate Measurement with BLE sensors.
  • Deals/Coupons based on Proximity
  • Beacon based city tour guide

Process Followed

We take pride in the comprehensive process that we follow at the time of Beacon BLE app development. We want to propose ourselves as an expert iBeacon based app developer, and our process contributes extensively in the process. Here’s a brief description of the steps we follow at the time of our app development :

shade_img ic-client-analysis

Client Analysis

The first step is to analyze the requirement of our clients. The focus here is to understand what the client exactly needs. We also spend time on gaining information about the end users of the application.

shade_img ic-research-brainstorming

Research & Brainstorming

Next up, we conduct more research about our client’s industry as also the target market for the application. Brainstorming is performed to develop ideas on how the objective of the application can be best served.

shade_img ic-wireframe-development

Wireframe Development

On the basis of the ideas developed while brainstorming, we create a prototype of the app. This prototype is shared with the clients for their review.

shade_img ic-user-experience

User Experience

Building on the wireframe, we make sure that the client is continuously kept in the loop for any alterations that s/he might need. Our objective at all times is to develop such user experience that combines visual appeal and app functionality.

shade_img ic-development-clientfeedback

Development & Client Feedback

With the client reviews that we received on the prototype, we initiate the development process. At this stage, the client is continuously kept in the loop to make sure that the final result is exactly as per the requirement.

shade_img ic-support

Deployment & Support

Finally, the developed app is successfully deployed. We continue to offer client support even after the deployment of the solution.

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